Portraits FAQ

If you change pricing when I have a session booked what happens?

We reserve the right to change pricing at any time without notice. When your dates are reserved, the pricing will be locked in at current rates.

Can we get a CD of our photographs?

You will receive a high resolution CD with all images in both color and black and white for all your sessions with full copyright release to print or post as you wish. Editing for each event generally takes about 2 weeks.

When is the money due?

All money is due at the time of session. We take cash, check, or credit card through paypal. If you need to use paypal please contact us for more information.

Are you willing to travel?

Anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley is fair game! Outside of that, and I may ask a fuel charge, or other travel fees depending. We'll talk about it in our first meeting, just ask!

What do you do with our photos after the session?

Any photos we take may be posted on our website or our facebook fanpage, and may even be used on business cards or other advertisements. If you don't like how your image is being used, please tell us! We will respect your wishes.

Do we own the photographs you give us on the CD?

We offer CDs with the high quality digital files from your photography session. With these CDs we give you the right to print these photos for personal use. You do not own these images, however, and we reserve all rights to use, sell and advertise with them as we will. If you have questions please contact us.

Why do you you charge per person after 5?

After eight people the photographs starts to become pretty complex and take more time (especially if the extras are children!) Is everyone looking? Blinking? Talking? Distracted? Smiling? What about hair? Glare on glasses? Each additional person can make a photo that much trickier.

We want a variety of pictures in different poses, does this cost extra?

We do NOT charge per image on any session. Want a picture of the entire family? Done. Want just the grandkids and grandma? No problem. We will do as many poses and variations you wish during that amounted session time.

Do you have any Design ideas?

Yes! We offer a variety of design options! Here is a list of a few but if you have any other questions on what we provide please contact us!

  • Baby announcements
  • Birthday invitations
  • Graduation announcements
  • Wedding invitations and thank you cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Baptism invitations
  • Adoption pass along cards

Do you photograph any other events?

We do photograph other events than we have listed on our site. We do baptisms, maternity, funerals, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties and corporate events. These are on a limited basis so please contact us for more information.